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The core fact is that cities are either going to work or not at the level which people interact. We can have towers and beautiful office spaces, where individuals can work and have fantastic views, but it is the place where everybody gets together on their way home, where they meet to go shopping or just having time to spare is where the city proves itself.

Jorge Silvetti of Machado Silvetti, Masterplanner of TRX

When completed, Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) will become a seamlessly connected hub with access to multiple highways. The integration of transportation services is one of the strengths of TRX in becoming Kuala Lumpur’s Financial District.

Danny Yeo, Deputy MD, CH Williams Talhar & Wong.

Sustainability is the DNA of our project. We want to set an example where we can blend commercial needs and environmental responsibility seamlessly

Dato’ Azmar Talib. CEO, TRX City