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The information contained herein (“Information”) is in respect of the Tun Razak Exchange development (“TRX”) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia undertaken by TRXC,  its affiliates and/or the investors. This said Information reflects the status of matters as at the time of printing and may be subject to change arising from our continuous improvement efforts for TRX and/or change in circumstances. Any reliance made with respect to the Information shall be at your sole risk. TRXC and its affiliates shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of any losses (including consequential losses), damages, claims and actions arising from your use or reliance upon the Information.

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The internet user should make and rely upon their own business judgment, enquiries and investigations regarding the assumptions, uncertainties and contingencies which may affect the matters referred to in and forming this website or the property and the impact that a variation of future outcomes may have on the internet user. The recipient should also make their own enquiries and obtain their own independent legal, tax, financial and such other advice as necessary in reviewing the information contained in and forming this website or otherwise made available to them and in evaluating the property and proposed acquisition of the property, whether direct or indirectly, and such other transactions to be entered into by them.

Limitation of Liability

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For the purpose of this disclaimer, TRXC includes without limitation its holding, subsidiary and related company(ies), principals, directors, employees, officers, advisors, agents, representatives, independent contractors and consultants of TRXC and its group of companies.

General Requirements and Prohibitions

This website including the designs, drawings, concepts and other material forming and made available on this website is for the internet user who may wish to acquire more information on the subject of this website and in consideration for which the recipient makes the agreements and acknowledgments set out below.

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Intellectual Property

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