Introducing TRX's Public Realm

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Introducing TRX's Public Realm
October 3, 2018

TRX is taking seriously the need for a dynamic public realm. Instead of a separated district, TRX is designed to seamlessly exist within its neighbourhood.

The whole 70-acre district in the city centre will remain porous to the larger landscape around it, allowing for a public realm that is fully integrated into the urban fabric.

At the centre of it all is a 10-acre park, designed across multiple levels, including on the roof of the shopping mall, creating numerous opportunities for visual and physical connectivity between these two important landmarks.

A key component of the holistic sustainability agenda of TRX, the central park provides lush greenery and shade, increases natural habitats and ecological value, reduces the heat island effect, and collects rainwater for reuse.



“The public realm is the most important fabric of cities. For TRX, it’s really the heart and soul of the project. The public spaces that permeate the whole environment is what will hold the entire district together,” says Andrew Grant, one of the designers of TRX public realms.

The park connects to other public and private areas throughout TRX via walkways, staircases, small and large plazas.

Four major plazas ring the whole development, including the MRT Plaza on the east side which serves as a public transport node for commuters to travel in and out of the downtown area.

At the other end is the North West Plaza which will extend KL’s shopping haven via a 450-metre covered pedestrian walkway to Bukit Bintang.



The whole route will be enhanced with a bustling alfresco shopping zone lined with shops, restaurants and cafes as well as art and culture installations.

“This will provide a world-class shopping belt with unparalleled pedestrian connectivity and comfort for a continuous and exciting shopping experience,” said Dato’ Haji Azmar Taib, chief executive officer of TRX.

A signature goal of TRX is to maintain an active and vibrant environment around the clock. To that end, the park and the North West Plaza will act as centrepieces for district-level activation open to the public.  

The inviting public realm was specifically masterplanned to be amenable to a variety of uses, including rest and relaxation spots for workers and residents, as well as themed zones and diverse events that will attract visitors from within KL and farther afield.  



Not only will workers and residents of the district enjoy the active lifestyle and leisure options of TRX, but pedestrians will be able to traverse the beautifully designed cityscape on a day-to-day basis, cutting across the city from one area to another via comfortable shortcuts and vital transport hubs.

The vibrant public life that the Tun Razak Exchange is returning to Kuala Lumpur is a worthy reflection of the dynamic, multicultural and lively city powering Malaysia to new heights. 

“The public realm in TRX will become truly a place for the people, a landmark destination with a strong sense of identity.

It’s a strong symbol of Kuala Lumpur’s status as an inclusive and forward-looking global city,” Dato’ Azmar concludes.