TRX Streetscape Improvements

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TRX Streetscape Improvements
September 14, 2023

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) has solidified its presence as Kuala Lumpur’s official international financial district with the best location in KL. Upon completion, TRX completes KL Golden Triangle’s full potential as one connected and dynamic district for business, leisure and tourism.

For it to realise its vision to be the anchor of the growing city, TRX has to be the most accessible and people-friendly district in Greater Kuala Lumpur. At its’ core, TRX is designed with the people in mind. Placemaking efforts in creating a people-focused development as well as a sustainable and green city have been the overarching drive in the notion of the entire district. 

TRX is partnering with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) to uplift the streetscape along the three main road towards TRX, namely Jalan Gading, Jalan Utara and Jalan Barat, with enhanced access and more pedestrian-friendly facilities that are not only creating new pathways but with enhancements including greener walkways and safer walking lanes. Pedestrian experience plays a big impact in making TRX a more inclusive and people-focused business district that benefits everyone. For this to happen, some improvements are carried out through enhancing walkways, beautifying back lanes, landscaping plazas, camouflaging utility works in public areas, and facilitating better traffic flow in and out of the district.


Jalan Gading as The Best Tourist Street in KL

Jalan Gading is one of the arterial roads around TRX and is the main access from Jalan Bukit Bintang to Imbi. Flanked by Fahrenheit mall and Starhill Gallery, Jalan Gading provides the main pathway for pedestrians and shoppers to arrive at TRX.

The road and facade upgrades along Jalan Gading will transform the overall look and feel of the entire space. The Jalan Gading streetscape includes Las Ramblas-style wide natural granite pavements that starts from Starhill Gallery, through the small plaza and meets Jalan Imbi. This creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere to this once-derelict access road to a newer and more vibrant pedestrian lane that could be utilised for hosting alfresco F&B, pop-up stalls, arts and cultural events.

Pedestrians walking from Jalan Gading, will arrive to a lively Raintree Plaza, a large open area with public art, a water feature and pockets of lush greenery, offering the first taste of TRX’s signature green city concept. The preserved rain tree, also known as the Merdeka tree is the focal point of TRX’s greenscape that balances preservation and new sustainable efforts that outline TRX overall green strategy.

From here, pedestrians can choose one of the many paved and shaded green pathways available for a short, breezy and shaded stroll to the TRX MRT Interchange station or to the 10 acre TRX High Park which cascades over The Exchange mall, TRX’s premier lifestyle shopping center.


TRX as KL’s Arboretum

The greenscape design of TRX preserves most of the existing mature trees in the pocket park. Preserving the existing rain trees (Tabebuia rosea) in the Raintree Plaza contributes to a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly urban design.

Tabebuia rosea was one of the nine trees preserved during the creation of the Raintree Plaza and Plan B’s ‘Café in the Park’ concept. The chic café is built with its intended circular roof openings as a cavity for the future growth of the trees that are already growing around the base of the place. The therapeutic approach and the incorporation of biophilic design give an excellent visual presentation of this unique F&B establishment that fully embraces the idea of dining in the park and merges with TRX’s aspiration of a green city.

All around the district, pedestrians and the working community in TRX are able to enjoy a troll in the park with the carious pocket greens and landscaped areas. Shaded and sheltered walkways are lined with big trees and lush shrubs that are not just purely for aesthetics but also curated to generate cooler air, hence reducing average temperature and encouraging pedestrians experience the public space here that are unlike any other.


TRX Redefining an International Financial Center

With excellent connectivity, iconic green public realms and sustainable design, TRX is poised to be Malaysia’s first international financial district with its future-ready and sustainability standards. Hence, TRX is the first development in Malaysia to have received a neighbourhood-level provisional Green Building Index (GBI) certification.

The vision to create an iconic yet timeless international financial district while simultaneously offering the vibrancy of a green city that puts people first as the heart of the development has come full circle. The implementation of the green and sustainability, connectivity and business strategies are transforming TRX into the envisioned world-class development and becoming the new benchmark for future KL developments.

With great location, green surrounding, world-standard facilities and cohesive access, TRX is the new catalyst for KL complete with its own dynamic and sustainable ecosystem primed for business and living.