Whistleblowing Policy

Our Whistleblowing Policy is intended to promote the Company’s Core Values and complement its Code of Business Ethics requirement. It provides a confidential avenue for all to report any legitimate concern or improper conduct they encounter.


Improper conduct

Instances that can be classified as bribery and fraud, unsafe work practice, violation of laws and regulation, risk or damage to the Company’s reputation, offences under the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, breach of the Company’s Code of Business Ethics or any other policies, practices, procedures or other rules of conduct.



Principally TRXC is duty-bound to protect the confidentiality of the complaint and the identity of the Whistleblower.


Handling complaint

TRXC’s whistleblowing process is independent and under the direct supervision by the Chairman of Audit, Risk Management and Integrity Committee ("ARMIC").

Any complaint should have details of the allegation such as names, nature of the case, location & other information as specified in our complaint form.

Send your complaint to the following address: 
Ethics & Integrity Committee Secretariat
TRX City Sdn. Bhd., P.O Box 10477, GPO Kuala Lumpur, 50714 WPKL. or email to [email protected]

Whistleblowing Form