TRX Transforming KL via Public Realm

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TRX Transforming KL via Public Realm
February 16, 2023

Creating inclusive,  efficient, and dynamic metropolises is a paramount challenge we are facing today. A vital fragment of the conundrum lies right at the heart of  any urban areas: its public realms. 

The conventional public realms in recent era transmute into hybrid spaces due to increasing land values, market expansions, and privatisation, prioritising commercial and economic interests, which lead to the lack of public spaces which provides common experiences to all. This is how TRX is making changes in its creation process where one of the aspects that sets TRX apart is the significant incorporation of greenery and natural elements into its design, balancing active spaces for social activities and quiet enclaves for relaxation.

This is very much in line with the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040 (KLSP2040) that was unveiled in 2020 that envisions Kuala Lumpur to become the best city for everyone in the next 20 years. This vision aims to achieve equilibrium in urban planning by integrating long term land use with infrastructure and transportation planning, public and recreational facilities, among others, to meet the needs of the population as well as improving the quality of the environment and urban space.


TRX Championing DBKL’s Policies and Aspirations

In ensuring KLSP2040 is achievable by many, DBKL has placed a set of policies as a guide for every major development for the city to practice placemaking for public spaces and significant green areas within any future development in the city.

TRX has taken the role to realise the vision set by DBKL in making Kuala Lumpur a sustainable city and becoming a benchmark for developments of other cities. TRX is a holistic development, providing accessibility for all with attractive open spaces and high environmental quality.

Carefully designed with people in mind in terms of space, playscape and landscape, open public areas in TRX cover a quarter of the district, a welcomed addition of green lungs for the city. From plazas and alleyways, the green spaces interlace shady pedestrian networks and lush gathering oasis with skyscrapers and concrete infrastructure. TRX as Malaysia’s first master planned international financial centre, is not only designed to be a conducive place for businesses but it also prioritises nature and public spaces for the community.


An Economic Enabler with People at Heart

With the completion of the project, TRX becomes the new CBD area by redefining the commercial hub of KL and extending the existing Bukit Bintang shopping belt and various other unique components in bringing more life and soul to the city. TRX expands on the existing Golden Triangle, owing to its strategic location near iconic developments and high foot traffic such as Pavilion KL and KLCC extending all the way into the Imbi area and culminate at the TRX lifestyle hub, The Exchange TRX.

TRX High Park sits atop The Exchange TRX as the oasis in the city and the crown jewel of the district’s lifestyle precinct. This 10-acre elevated park is the city’s latest green sanctuary which preserves the natural local flora and showcases the lush tropical diversity. Its unique and one-of-a-kind city park that realized the concept of ‘Park in a Mall, Mall in a Park’ highlights the softscape elements of this rooftop garden and the numerous interweaving pocket parks around the development to provide easy and convenient pedestrian movements throughout the district, presenting opportunities for outdoor activities.


Urban Development with Sense of Community

One of the major element in the development of TRX is enabling the humanising of the otherwise clinical financial center. Therefore, engagement with local communities is the key ingredient in building a dynamic public realm that is relevant, inclusive and well-utilised. As a result, TRX improved the pedestrian and vehicular experience through enhancing walkways, beautifying back lanes, landscaping plazas, camouflaging utilities works in public areas, and facilitating better traffic flow.

The pedestrian path, upgraded into wide, clean granite pathways, will extend from the TRX MRT station to cut through the district via a network of paths, plazas and walkways, linking it to the Bukit Bintang shopping area all the way to KLCC.

This further cements the implementation of the idea that the surrounding communities and the public should enjoy and experience the upside of this development. Local communities were engaged in in-depth discussions to create a platform in hearing their needs. This effort was successful in shaping TRX as it is today. The outcomes, more parking spaces are now available along the back lanes for loading/unloading activities, with new pedestrian crossings made available along Jalan Barat and Jalan Utara to allow even greater permeability into TRX.


TRX as The New Guide for Effective Public Realms

With the guide from KLSP2040 and a carefully curated masterplan, TRX is one of the major enabler in making Kuala Lumpur a sustainable city and becoming a benchmark for future developments. The district is not only a financial center, but also a fully-utilised and welcoming public realm, a a thematic destination for everyone where people come from all over to not just to work but also a destination for sustainable green living with a dynamic setting.