The Signature Tower

Project Updates
The Signature Tower
September 7, 2016

Developed by the Mulia Group, Indonesia’s leading developer, the 92-storey Signature Tower will be the anchor development for the financial district.  


The construction of KL’s newest skyscraper, which will stand fronting Jalan Tun Razak , is rapidly progressing.

Being developed by the Mulia Group, Indonesia’s leading commercial and property developer, the 92-storey Signature Tower began construction early this year and is expected to be completed in line with TRX's first phase, which is expected to be in 2018-2019.

Interesting Facts & figures:

  • In April of this year, the developers poured concrete for a massive 20,200m3 mat foundation, or about the size of eight Olympic swimming pools, making it one of the largest concrete pours recorded globally.
  • The concrete pouring took 48 hours. It involved 120 cement mixers, carrying 8.5 million kg of cement, 16 million kg of sand, 19 million kg of construction aggregates and about two million kg of ice to overcome the extreme heat generated during the process. When hardened, the concrete weighed about 50 million kilogrammes.
  • Upon completion, the tower will comprise 92 floors and six basement levels, on a land area of 149,381 sq ft (13,878 sq m) and a typical floor plate of 34,000 sq ft (3159 sq m)
  • It will stand at 1,440 ft (438.9m) tall. In comparison, the PETRONAS Twin Towers measures at 1,483 ft (452m).