Unleash Your Inner Wild Glamping

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Unleash Your Inner Wild Glamping
December 2, 2019

If you’re feeling exhausted with the pressures of city living, perhaps it’s time to retreat from the hectic pace for a while. One of the best ways to overcome stress is to get in touch with nature, and the latest craze of “glamping” may be just the ticket!

Glamping, or “glamorous camping”, is fast becoming a popular option for urbanites as a way to explore nature without having to rough it out. Imagine settling in for some R&R in a place that is surrounded by lush rainforest and cascading river streams, but with all the pampering of modern luxuries as well. Glamping combines the best of both worlds – you get to enjoy camping in the great outdoors without leaving behind contemporary comforts.

Glamping in the countryside enables city slickers to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in comfort and style. The serene and tranquil settings offer an idyllic place to leave their busy city lives behind, relax and spend quality time with their family and friends.

Within a few hours drive of Kuala Lumpur, glamping opportunities can be found in Janda Baik, Bentung and Genting, but our pick is located just under an hour’s drive in Hulu Langat. 

A riverside retreat located off the banks of Sungai Larwin, the three-acre Tanah Larwina also boasts an orchard and animal farm, offering city folks the chance to experience the real essence of nature at a property furnished with all the mod cons.

Tanah Larwina welcomes guests in groups of eight to sixteen people with a variety of accommodation available: the tent-sized Pod Biru and Pod Hijau for two persons, Bilik Tigaguna for four persons, and Rumah Tebing for eight persons. Pod Biru, Pod Hijau and Bilik Tigaguna are air-conditioned whereas Rumah Tebing is designed as in an open-air concept with natural cooling and ventilation. There are five shared bathrooms provided for guests staying in the Pods and Bilik Tigaguna while Rumah Tebing has an ensuite bathroom.

The self-catering lodge provides a modern kitchen equipped with necessary conveniences, such as water dispenser, fridge, microwave oven, toaster, rice cooker, plates, and utensils. Should guests wish to eat alfresco, the outdoor Laman Terap area is complete with picnic tables and a BBQ pit. Laman Terap is an excellent spot to cook and dine as it is shaded under the canopy from a cluster of tall Terap trees growing close to the flowing river.

Like many glamping sites, there are plenty of activities here. Take a dip in the cool river waters, go fishing or trek through the forest. Guests can also get acquainted with the farm animals roaming freely through the lush grounds or taste delicious local fruits like durian, mangosteen, duku or langsat, each during their respective seasons

If you like the idea of waking up to fresh air, verdant greenery and chirping birds while escaping emails, messages or calls for a day or two, why not give glamping a try.