TRX Street Photography Digital Exhibition 2021

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TRX Street Photography Digital Exhibition 2021
July 30, 2021

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of beautiful sceneries to offer, from popular spots to ones you have never seen before. As part of our initiative to showcase the magnificent beauty of the city, we engaged street photographers to share their KL stories, exploring the city through their lenses and talents.

For the past three years, TRX has been collaborating with photographers who had wow-ed us with their creativity. Each photograph presented something different, displaying the best of our city today and how it has evolved over the years. Some revealed the lives behind the city, some showcasing KL’s vibrancy, while others sharing different perspectives of places common to our eyes.

The first TRX Street Photography Digital Exhibition was launched last year, featuring six talents we have published on our social media channels. This year, we are proud to run the second installment of the TRX Street Photography Digital Exhibition, presenting nine more photographers, including three of TRX City’s own talents.


Last year's talents from top left; Khairul Amin, Jin Wei, Azwan Nazeri, Amirul Johari, Dalia Daud, Azim Nong


The photographers participating in 2021 are the drone maestro Adib Pouzi, who captured breath-taking scenes of Kuala Lumpur from a fresh bird’s eye perspective, homegrown stand-up comic Prakash Danial’s study of the people of KL, and Nas Hamzah, whose psychedelic photos of the city brought in a riot of colors.

Sarawakian Sydney Liew captured the early days of the pandemic, when KLites grappled with the new normal, while Farsya Ahmad points to the hidden beauty in the city. This group is rounded up by Nuar Yusli’s witty shots that will be sure to charm you.

Also joining the exhibition are TRX’s talented staff Hafiz de Souza, Izzat Basri and Adam Johnston.


Fresh faces for this year’s digital exhibition. From the top left; Sidney Liew, Nuar Yusli, Farsya Ahmad, Nas Hamzah, Prakash Danial, Adib Pouzi, Hafiz De Souza, Adam Johnston, Izzat Basar.


We are excited to share their story of KL with you. The online exhibition will go live here  on the 4th of August 2021! Come visit and give our talents some love. We’d also like to extend this invitation to other young talents out there for a chance to collaborate with us and be featured next!