How MATTA made Malaysians world travellers

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How MATTA made Malaysians world travellers
September 19, 2018

MATTA Fair continues to be the best place for Malaysians to seek out the greatest deals to satisfy their wanderlust abroad, contributing to the country’s travel and aviation industry.  

Mastercard’s ‘The Future of Outbound Travel in Asia Pacific (2016-2021)’ reports that Malaysia is expected to record significant growth in international outbound travel, going from 11.9 million in 2016 to 14.2 million by 2021, becoming the highest ranked country amongst all of the emerging markets surveyed.

These trends are not surprising considering the penchant for international travel by MATTA Fair visitors.

“I am so excited to plan my first trip abroad to South Korea next year and have found so many great deals to choose from at MATTA Fair today. Here you can still get the best prices but with the added advantage of face-to-face interactions with the travel agents. This is something I truly value,” explained first time traveller and K-pop fan, Nur Dalilah Abd Jalil, a K-pop fan from Klang.   

Dalilah’s travel buddy, Nur Faezah Yahya, chimed in, “I have travelled to many countries before, but this is my first time at MATTA Fair. Being here has opened my eyes to many fascinating destinations around the world that I would not have known about otherwise.”

Added services

More than just the best deals, MATTA has continued to up its ante by adding new partners, destinations and travel-related offerings.

The recent MATTA fair featured crowd favourites like Bali and London alongside off-the-beaten-track destinations such as backpacking through Russia, safari tours in Kenya and chasing the aurora borealis in Finland and Norway.

Money changers that offer highly competitive currency exchange rates were also on hand, as observed by frequent visitor Julaidah Julias who has not missed a single MATTA Fair since 2014.

“I have been here on both days this weekend. Yesterday, we got our planned Umrah packages. Today, we are here to change our money for the trip, as MATTA Fair offers some of the best currency exchange rates that we know of,” Junaidah added.  

The recent MATTA Fair also introduced e-wallet and digital payment options allowing visitors to lock in exchange rates at the time of purchasing foreign currencies.

For added fun, visitors could try out augmented reality games and join competitions with prizes valued at more than RM150,000.

MATTA Fair has cemented itself as an iconic Malaysian event that travel enthusiasts from around the region look forward to thanks to its ability to offer variety, attractive prices and holistic travel options.