Lucky Lions Visit TRX Neighbours

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Lucky Lions Visit TRX Neighbours
March 1, 2019

With Chinese New Year celebrations in full swing, two bright pink lion dancers were spotted making the rounds of local businesses along Jalan Barat in busy Imbi.   

Local business premises along Jalan Barat were visited by the lucky lions as they performed to the accompaniment of traditional drumming. 

The lion dance ritual is done in order to invite blessings of prosperity and well-being for the year ahead. 

TRX representatives were also on-hand to present hampers to business owners, who were mostly running restaurants offering a variety of Chinese food in the Imbi area which is famed for its tasty and authentic cuisine offerings. 

The lion dance troupe made their way down Jalan Barat along the newly renovated pavements which are part of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) public realm enhancements currently underway for areas neighbouring the upcoming financial district. 

The improved streetscape and landscaping will extend further down Jalan Barat, take in Jalan Utara and Jalan Gading all the way until the Pavilion shopping mall, and will also include the TRX MRT plaza and the northwest plaza.

All these elements will come together in a holistic design of greenery and pedestrian walkways that spreads out throughout TRX, creating an encircling form around the 10-acre TRX city Park at the heart of the development. 

Blessings for an exciting year ahead

The lion dance troupe ended their walkabout at the TRX Gallery where a banquet was laid out for guests including local businesses, residents and workers from the TRX construction site, who were all welcomed by TRX City CEO, Dato’ Azmar Talib. 

Amidst laughter, applause and loud encouragement, the frisky lions devoured the offered vegetables and fruits, and reciprocated by flinging mandarin oranges at guests who happily caught the lucky gifts.  

After the lion dance performance, guests proceeded to the yee sang ceremony at their tables, before the the festivities continued with everyone tucking into a delicious buffet menu of favourites, including sweet and sour chicken, braised tofu, fried rice and local desserts such as kuih lapis (layered steam cake) and sago gua Melaka (sago pudding with palm sugar). 

After persevering through various challenges, the Tun Razak Exchange is now looking forward to an exciting year ahead with imminent launches of major tenants, residential, leisure and business offerings. 

Here’s to a prosperous and fruitful New Year!