Photo Gallery
Mohd Azim Nong

Azim or AjiemSerr, a photographer from Sri Serdang, Selangor first got involved in photography because of his passion for skateboarding. Spending his days skateboarding with friends was not fulfilling for him that he felt the need to contribute more to the skateboarding scene in Malaysia. After completing his SPM, he decided to pick up skateboard photography. He moved onto capturing shots of the city and its people, and after 17 years, AjiemSerr continues to be a full-time photographer.

“I love skate photography because it is an art itself while being extreme. I can also travel a lot and spot check. I love KL not just for the huge number of skateboarding spots here in the city, but also the best spots with beautiful scenery and amazing buildings. There are so many stories in the city - the way people live, building structures, and picturesque scenery.” – AjiemSerr