TRX Marquee Incentives

Incentives are offered to qualifying TRX marquee status companies operating in the following financial services sub-sectors:

  • Retail and/or merchant banking
  • Insurance
  • Islamic banking
  • Takaful operators
  • Capital markets services

The incentives offered will include:

  • Industrial building allowances on the purchase or construction of property in TRX for use in their business (of providing financial services) at 10% per annum.
  • Accelerated capital allowances (100% over 2 years for prescribed renovation costs).
  • Deduction for prescribed relocation costs.
  • 150% deduction on rental of TRX premises for 10 years.
  • Stamp duty remission for first TRX rental/purchase agreement.
  • Stamp duty remission for first TRX property loan agreement.
  • Stamp duty remission on all services agreements entered into for a given period of time.
TRX Developer Incentives

The TRX developer incentives will only be given to developers who meet the stringent development criteria that will include a strong green ethos and sustainability. The tax incentive will include 70% tax exemption on income from the sale or rental of properties in TRX for a period of 5 years.

For further information on the incentives, kindly contact us.

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