TRX a city planned to be ‘ageless’, says BuroHappold Engineering

TRX a city planned to be ‘ageless’, says BuroHappold Engineering

The Malaysian Reserve, 9th September 2015:

By Premalatha Jayaraman

TRX’s DNA ‘ensures the project to stay relevant and modern’says director

Tun Razak Exchange’s (TRX) birth as the country’s premier financial district is eminent. But in a city where buildings are burgeoning at every street corner, the challenge is far greater for TRX advocates.

With the world’s tallest twin towers standing a few kilometers away, TRX needs to be a game changer and represent KL’s present and future. Like other financial hub of the world, TRX needs to be “ageless” to the millions who will make the 70-acre (28.33 ha) site their home and workplace.

“TRX’s DNA is anchored on sustainable development. This will ensure TRX would stay relevant and modern in the future,” said Cities Burohappold Engineering director Andrew Comer.

Burohappold Engineering is responsible for putting the building blocks for a highly sustainable TRX development.

“We have incorporated sound engineering practices and designs in TRX,” he said, adding that sustainable development goes beyond bricks, steel and mortar.

The company has scrutinised financial district developments around the world to ensure when the 70-acre TRX site is completed, it will be at the same level if not higher than all these renown developments across the globe.

“We have also taken into account factors like the culture, environment, people as well as other aspects that are relevant for the development of the project,” he said.

“When it is completed, let’s say in 15 years time, it will still stay modern, relevant and will create a greater global financial hub,” he said.

Burohappold Engineering is an international, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm with operation in 24 cities around the world. It specialises on delivering and creating value-led building and city solutions.

The UK-based company was appointed as the infrastructure and sustainability consultants for TRX master plan and subsequent design guidelines to cement 1MDB’s vision of creating a global financial district of international standard.

Comer said the firm’s experience especially in the planning and designing of London Olympic Park and Legacy, King Abdullah financial district in Riyadh and Reliance Global headquarters in Mumbai, India, provide the company with the global perspective to take TRX to another notch higher.

“And these projects have uplifted the economic value of the related areas,” he said, adding that he believed similar results is expected when TRX is completed.

“In the long term, this project would be benefit the nation,” Comer told The Malaysian Reserve recently.

Burohappold Engineering is also involved in the engineering works in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca.

“We are responsible to our client and we will do the best to deliver highly sustainable development. Necessary steps have been taken to achieve that,” he said.

He said good engineering practice and design from the planning stage is critical.

Elements such as energy, water, transportation and technology are integral to the project.

“In designing and planning the project, we are putting in energy efficient devices and central cooling system.I am confident, it will help to achieve reduction of carbon emission and will be an energy-efficient building.

“What is unique, we are also building a water treatment facility on the site. The treated water will be used for flushing toilets and the cooling system. So, you will enjoy significant water usage savings,” he said.

He said public transportation linkages are also a key challenge not just for Kuala Lumpur but many major cosmopolitans around the world.

“Traffic issues are a major challenge is every cities around the world. We have worked out on ways to integrate public transportation in the development.

“We must make sure that the project is accessible and convenient to the staff and visitors of TRX,” he said.

Any city of the future will be technology-driven. And TRX is no exception.

“You can already see this in technologically advanced financial district in the world. It will also be a feature in TRX,” he said.

But most importantly, Comer said the city of the future must enhance the quality of life of its residents, offer a healthy living environment, improve social interaction and status, and promote economic development, not just for the present but future generations.

“Kuala Lumpur is competing globally and major cities have started to recognise Kuala Lumpur as a first-world economy. And TRX should be the example to reflect this status,” he said.

While much work needs to be done, TRX is certainly poised to rewrite the country’s position in the world’s financial district hall of fame.

We are responsible to our clients and we will do the best to deliver highly sustainable development. Necessary steps have been taken to achieve that, says Comer. (Pic by:Hafzi Mohamed)

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