Socmed All-Stars: Who To Follow If You Care About The Environment

Socmed All-Stars: Who To Follow If You Care About The Environment
January 17, 2019

We’ve all heard about the urgent reports from the UN, increasingly dire warnings from scientists and images of the devastation that modern civilisation is having on the planet.

Social media has increasingly become an important tool in fighting back, so here are our top picks for who you should be following if you care about the environment.

We look at both the people who do this at a personal level that will encourage you to change your lifestyles, and the scientists and thought leaders in conservation and environmental activism.

  1. Bea Johnson @zerowastehome 

Founder of the zero-waste lifestyle movement, Bea Johnson, wrote the book on changing your personal ways to limit impact on the environment.

“Zero Waste Home” became a bestseller, and her Instagram account is filled with lush photos showing how you can save time and money while doing your part to save the planet.

  1. Jom Bersih Pantai @jombersihpantai

Malaysians love our beaches, but the state of them today is heart breaking: plastic straws, bags and film to food containers, bottles, caps and even diapers litter the sandy coasts.

While beach goers tend to point fingers to the locals, the problem is actually larger – the consumption of plastics in the city, hundreds of miles away from beaches, if not properly disposed and recycled, can end up being washed away into the ocean and make their way onto your favourite vacation spots.

This Instagram account wonderfully coordinates beach cleaning activities along Malaysia’s East Coast, where it invites its followers to take part, while educating us with the latest statistics on marine impact and how we can all play our part.

  1. Kathleen Ellie @consciousnchic

If it’s ethical beauty and fashion you’re after, Kat is your girl. Not only is her Insta game on point, but her background in finance means she brings a more nuanced understanding to the challenges facing both consumers and producers.

Her work is dedicated to inspiring people to live their best sustainable life – with an enviable wardrobe, of course - and pushing for a day when doing business ethically will become par for the course.

  1. Yeo Bee Yin –

Malaysia’s own Minister of Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment, Technology has been trending on Facebook, especially after her recent speech at the UN’s Climate Talks in Poland.

Despite being a newbie on the international policy scene, Yeo was brave enough to criticise the lack of movement on the Paris Agreement, the lack of ownership taken by developed nations and the burdensome bureaucracy that overshadowed real action.

It will be interesting to follow how she will translate rhetoric into full scale environmental policies in Malaysia as her tenure as minister matures.

  1. George Monbiot – Twitter @GeorgeMonbiot

The senior and rather sombre environmental activist, George Monbiot has been active since the 1990s.

Known for his erudite and fearless stances, Monbiot offers multi-faceted analyses and is not afraid to change his mind, for instance in his continuing debates about the desirability of vegetarianism for environmental reasons.

He is a regular Guardian columnist, and his Twitter account is lively, challenging us all to approach climate change in a committed and dynamic way.

  1. Climate Adam –

Dr Adam Levy or better known as “Climate Adam”, is a climate scientist and Youtube personality, who makes fun and easy to understand videos about climate change and other environmental issues.

He describes his channel as being the place for “all the crucial climate change gossip” and is dedicated to a playful and accessible approach to impending doom!

You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @climate_adam.

  1. Sustainable Human –

With over 1.7 million followers, the Sustainable Human Facebook page has been active since 2009, and continues to grow.

Dedicated to changing the way we live our lives towards a more sustainable planet, the page shares stories and videos that explore new ways of thinking.

The aim is to raise consciousness and create an “ecological culture” which understands the interconnectedness of all life on the planet.

Closer to home, the eco revolution is growing.

  1. The Hive @thehivebulkfoods

Malaysia’s first zero waste grocery store was founded by UN awardee, Claire Sancelot, who honed her zero waste lifestyle after becoming a mother in Hong Kong. 

Today, she runs the social enterprise as a way to promote sustainable living and provide for those who want to shop ethically, sustainably and economically. 

Expect posts with useful tips, details on weekly workshops and other cool events.